Thursday, March 5, 2015

This Summer and My Love for Everything.

This summer, I am getting MARRIED. I am so thrilled to really begin to finalize design elements of the event (and of course thrilled to be marrying my Christopher). My dress (shown above) that I might wear for the rehearsal dinner arrived yesterday! It is a sample dress from Kitsch Bitsch in Australia and is made from vintage French lace. Isn't it gorgeous?? I personally dig anything that resembles a table cloth, so I am pumped to wear this, whether it is for the rehearsal or something else. I've had the same sort of indecision about narrowing down my choices for the wedding as I do for home decor in our house...I have no trouble telling others what to pick but flip it on myself and I end up just buying everything I like rather than editing before hand. This is most definitely a first world problem. For a peak into my indecision take a look at our wedding board on Pinterest here: C + T.

AutoCAD: Formatting Layouts.

This week I FINALLY learned how to change my layout settings!!! I cannot even begin to describe what a weight off my shoulders this is. If I could make up a slogan for design students it would be #draftingiseasyprintingishard...we ALL struggle with printing!! I am so happy to know this so I can move on to more exciting elements of this project, like rendering!

AutoCAD: Building a Cover Page.

This is the exterior of the building we have been drafting in CAD. I went online to find images of the exterior as prep for my cover page rendering. Seeing the actual exterior is going to help me refine my drawings as well..the mullions look so different!
 image source

Weekly Sketch: A Dying Art?

We are exploring hand lettering this week, and were asked to find inspiration quotes to write out. I love hand writing, signatures...I find that there is something beautiful in this almost archaic form of communication. I've heard a lot of younger students say they aren't being taught cursive anymore; something that makes me feel very...old.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

CAD: Apartment Progress with Sections

Busy working on building sections for our Chicago Apartment project. I am having trouble with AutoCAD just deciding to slow down and quit randomly on me today, but thank god for the auto save.

STUDIO: Gram Bench Progress

I had a good talk with my professor about the construction of my "Gram Bench." I had a lot of feedback as well from other students about the fabric I used for my model....everyone LOVED the colors so much that I have decided to move forward with the same choices. Almost ready to get into the wood shop and get my hands dirty!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Studio: The Gram Bench.

My current project in studio is to create a bench that will go somewhere in our department's building. I want it to stand out from what is currently in the building...a lot of hard edges and "cold" materials. There are student-made benches that are pretty cool, but not especially comfortable. I also want my bench to be interactive - to evoke a sense of 'play' with the user(s). Modular forms have been heavy on my mind this semester, probably the result of lots of paper-folding early on in the Fall. I especially love tangram puzzles now, and enjoy the possibilities that come out of different transformations using simple geometric forms.
My first models were very crude...I used tape and cardboard. I then thought about several factors that might impact the final design: materiality and the weight thereof (would they be too heavy to move around?) Would the edges be too sharp? Would the size be large enough to sit on even when parts are taken away? What if there was a cut-out pattern? What if there was upholstery?

And I obviously ended up with upholstery. I will further explore the details that go into constructing a plywood, upholstered frame and a slipcover for each part. I am very happy with the direction of this project and can't wait to get started on the real ones!