Thursday, March 26, 2015


My GRAM bench project is moving right along! I like my proposed location as well as this goofy lady.

Cover Me.

 This week I had two incredibly time consuming projects due at the same time. I enjoyed formatting the covers the most, but also feel like I truly have learned a lot in both AutoCAD and Revit so far.
With Revit, I have hit a point in the project where I think I need to delete the entire thing and start over. I need to understand it better for work, so I look forward to diving in further.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Image Trace.

To make the exterior perspective for my as-built plans in 212, I used the image trace tool in Illustrator to create a striking image of the Lake Shore Drive Apartments in Chicago. I wanted to give the impression of something of the past considering these are the plans prior to the renovation period.

Somewhere in the Vicinity...

For both of my current visual communications courses, I am having to create "vicinity maps" to show where the project I am drafting is located. I think this little element of the plans is to entice all of us to do graphic design for a living instead of interiors ;) It is so "easy" and a lot of fun to create maps...they don't have to be so technical when the purpose of it is more of a general guide. This exercise made me think of Massimo Vignelli, who designed the iconic wayfinding for the NY subway system:
In a documentary I recently watched about him, he said he did the original maps by hand in the 70s! Can you imagine?? I'll take Illustrator any day. But what Vignelli did was make wayfinding not only clear, but attractive and fun as well. I appreciate design good design for that.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Weekly Sketch: Chicago Harbor.

I am not going to Chicago with some of my classmates this week (ain't nobody got time for that!;), so the weekly sketch assignment had to be accomplished by a fancy google search for images of Chicago. I choose the Chicago Harbor. Hope I get to see it one day!

Putting Out Fires.

Last week I enjoyed an action-packed Spring Break full of work, travel, family, a 15k road race, and even managed to squeeze wedding planning into the mix. Believe it or not - the 15k race was the most relaxing aspect of the week ;)  I am more busy than I have ever, ever been in my life and it is scary to imagine the next 6 weeks of school. A classmate and I always say our time in school is all about "putting out fires" and managing each priority the best we can. Well, sometimes, everything is on fire all at once. My fiance is literally talking me off the ledge, wiping away tears of frustration, and making tea and dinner for me to keep me going. In what was the biggest wedding planning "attack" I have made so far (we get married in less than 3 months) I managed to finish all of the larger details or at least send the right information to those who can keep the ball rolling. Thank god I have connections and experience in the wedding biz or it would probably overwhelm me. One thing that helped IMMENSELY was also the use of AutoCAD + Illustrator. I realized that importing my CAD pdf into illustrator left it as a vector image. It was so easy to add color and text to the scaled tables, etc that I had drawn in CAD. The floor plan above helped me count how many of each table, chair, linens, etc I needed to order and will later serve as a guide for those setting everything up. I am SO glad I could whip it up so quickly.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

This Summer and My Love for Everything.

This summer, I am getting MARRIED. I am so thrilled to really begin to finalize design elements of the event (and of course thrilled to be marrying my Christopher). My dress (shown above) that I might wear for the rehearsal dinner arrived yesterday! It is a sample dress from Kitsch Bitsch in Australia and is made from vintage French lace. Isn't it gorgeous?? I personally dig anything that resembles a table cloth, so I am pumped to wear this, whether it is for the rehearsal or something else. I've had the same sort of indecision about narrowing down my choices for the wedding as I do for home decor in our house...I have no trouble telling others what to pick but flip it on myself and I end up just buying everything I like rather than editing before hand. This is most definitely a first world problem. For a peak into my indecision take a look at our wedding board on Pinterest here: C + T.